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116157 GARO istanbul, Sefaköy
12.9.2018 00:56:09 Rusça Çevirisi
Quiltings fabric, lining Quiltings of bedding Quiltings the
902124263370 - +902126244580
We are a producer company since 1994 of quiliting type of fabrics for garment industry and home textile. We are the leading company of all the new machinesand new desings regarding quiting business. We will always be proud of being first in our business as far as following the search and developments. In our 3000 m2 factory we are giving the best service not only in quilting business but in wadding production as well we are in service not only for quilting purposes but with our new special collection for our customers. "welcome to the GOROTEKS world"
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GORO TEKSTiL KAPiTONE ( kapitoneciler, astarlık kapitone, montluk kapitone, kapitone imalatı ) Goro Kapitone GARO
•+902126244580 •902124263370 •902124260839
Address: kartal tepe mah. malazgirt cad. no:7


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116157 Quiltings fabric, lining Quiltings of bedding Quiltings the ...
902124263370 - +902126244580
12.9.2018 00:56:09

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