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201465 Kadir Antalya, Konyaaltı
30.8.2018 18:23:18
Buying unprinted t- shirts from the Netherlands, import requests
Every month, 40 x 2 Container, I will make a purchase

We are presently importing our T- shirts from India.
As some of our clients demand a faster delivery, we are purchasing reliable producers
from Turkey.

T- shirts: basic
GSM: 180 g/m2 (not the 190 mentioned in attachment
Size spec: see attachment
Composition 1: 100 carded cotton
Composition 2: 60/40 carded cotton/polyester
Quantity: 2 x 40ft container per month
Label: neutral printed label on satin label
Packing: NO polybag
Boxes: 50 pcs in carton in 1 polybag
Colors: navy, black, white, cobalt, ash
Average production time: …. weeks
Average shipment time to The Netherlands: ….. days
1. in Euro per piece
2. prices included transportation costs to The Netherlands, our warehouse

Adv No : 201465 - Img No : 1
Adv No : 201465 - Img No : 2
Adv No : 201465 - Img No : 3
Adv No : 201465 - Img No : 4



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Pakistan'dan JACOB MULLER ETİKET DOKUMA MAKİNASI SATIN ALMA TALEBİ  0 506 909 54 19<br><br>Pakistan'dan 2 adet JACOB MULLER Etiket Dokuma Tezgahi talebi<br>tipi JACOB MULLER MBJ2 ya da MBJ3 alınacaktır. Teklif gönderin<br><br><br>
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18.11.2018 22:11:07
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