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194686 Babar Faisalabad,
25.8.2018 18:16:27 Rusça Çevirisi
Client from Pakistan looking for MONFORTS/BABCOCK STENTER MACHINE
I am looking for 1990 year of production and above Monforts/Babcock Stenter machine
width 1800 mm
8 chambers
Oil or Steam Heated
Horizontal Chain with Pin & Clip
With Padder and Weft Straightener
complete with Panel Board
Machine must be erected on mill floor

Adv No : 194686 - Img No : 1
Adv No : 194686 - Img No : 2
Adv No : 194686 - Img No : 3
Adv No : 194686 - Img No : 4
Adv No : 194686 - Img No : 5



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