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Reference Name City / Country Date Russian
195410 Bojana ., .
Serbia, Sabac
21.5.2018 01:34:18 Rusça Çevirisi
Customer from searching for children's shoes, 200- 500 pieces
I'm looking for a wholesaler or manufacturer of childrens shoes like in attachment in Istanbul

I want to import them in Serbia
We are manufacturers of childrens clothing
We want to complete our assortment with shoes
For start we will import between 200- 500 pairs, depends on the price
Size: 22- 36

We are looking for manufacturers of children's canvas sneakers like Converse all stars. We need blank (without any logo), white, high top sneakers. We are interested in 500 pairs, numbers between 20-39. Please send me your Viber phone number Thank you on your time. Best regards, Bojana Belic .

children's athletic shoes
Adv No : 195410 - Img No : 1
girls athletic shoes, boys athletic shoes
Adv No : 195410 - Img No : 2
Adv No : 195410 - Img No : 3



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8.11.2018 02:26:36
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