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180274 Tarek Mısır- Amerika, .
America and Egypt
11.01.2017 15:13:17 Rusça Çevirisi
I'm looking for children's wear for girl and boy 1-15 years old
I'm looking for children's wear for girl and boy I want both bc i have many customers in America and Egypt who want small amount and some want large amount. Once i pick the designs and get my orders ready i will be on my way in Istanbul. Im waiting on the catalogs For children's wholesale, jeans for girl, shirt for girl, jacket, shirt for girl, pants for girl, skirt, dress, suit for girl, blouse. I expect a good price, jeans for boy, shirt for boy, jacket, shirt, pants boy, suit for boy
Clothing for girls and boys from age 1 to 15 years
Adv No : 180274 - Img No : 1


Language of correspondence : English

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Ludwigshafen am Rhein
20.01.2017 01:12:38
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I'm looking for mens clothes. Small wholesale. Replica. Small wholesale ...
Albania / Arnavutluk
20.01.2017 01:12:16
UKRAYNA Dan 10.000 Adet TİŞORT SATIN ALMA TALEBİ<br><br>Ukrayna'dan tişort bay ve bayan için talebi. Desensiz farklı renk ve kalinlik s-xxxl 10000 adet. Sürekli alırız<BR><BR><BR>Toptan tişort satın almacısı, Toptan tişort satın almacıları, Toptan tişort müşterisi, Toptan tişort müşterileri, Yurt dışı tişort satın almacısı, Yurt dışı tişort satın almacıları, Yurt dışı tişort müşterisi, Yurt dışı tişort müşterileri, Promosyon tişorları satın almacısı
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19.01.2017 23:35:01
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