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33054 - BEYAZ iNCi GELiNLiK

Company Product and Service Types;

Bridal and Night Dress

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Company Field Of Activity ;

We are a manufacturer of marvelous wedding dresses, evening dresses, formal and prom dresses in dramatic styles. We would like to take this opportunity to briefly tell us about ourselves, and hopefully set the bases for a mutually beneficial business relationship with your company. Since 2002, with almost 30 years of experience in the industry, we have been providing brides in Turkey with wedding gowns of the highest quality fabrics, the most elegant designs at very competitive prices. We offer a wide range of elegant bridal gowns and related accessories in different styles. The styles are limited with your imagination. Basically, we represent producing and processing service according to our customers' design requests along with our own collection. This year, we are dedicated to bringing the superior quality designs at the most affordable prices to customers around the world. We hope that clients from all over the world come to visit us to establish long term friendly cooperation with us. Our factory is located in Izmir / Turkey, where is the heart core of the high quality with excellent prices. Last year, we have opened a new showroom in Bursa / Turkey to meet the high demand in our market. We now go on with our investments in export markets as well. Throughout our experience in the bridal industry in Turkey, we know that customer satisfaction is the main goal for our business. The success of our firm generates from well organized skilled professionals, with a flexible production which fully carries our the need of our customers. We would like to achive the same goal in export markets now. Lastly, thank you for your time to tell us about ourselves. If you are interested, we are happy to send you more information about our company and design products. Since our website is under construction that is prepared specially for our export companies, please do not hesitate to ask for catalogue or prices. We can send you more information such as production capability, features of our ready designs, lead times, packaging details, etc. We are looking forward to hear from you and set the bases for a long term business relationship in the near future.

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