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Banner Advertisementsare published in the right and left columns of, 24 hours a day, during the publication of the banner, in the section or sections choosen by the company.
Banner Advertisementsare prepared free of charge by . But the advertiser can also prepare the banner in accordance with the standart size.
Banner Advertisementsare published in 3, 6 and 12 month periods
Gold Banner Advertisements
Gold Banner Advertisements are published in all categories of classifieds section and all subcategories of all of these categories and are published under all classified ads in this section

Gold Banner Advertisements are published in all categories of all promotional announcements of the company which are published in and in all sub-pages of all of these categories. All of the company advertised in this section are published under all of the advertisements as well as in all correspondence among the members made within the system.

PS: Gold Banner Advertisements are published alternately on the first page of for free. And the advertiser can see all the requests and offers with the contact informations of the bidders. So they can figure out the profits of the banner advertisements.

3 months publication prices US$ 1000
6 months publication prices US$ 1500
12 months publication prices US$ 2300