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BAMB INDUSTRIAL Antibacterial protect will be sold, wholesale and retail
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Attention for owners of markets hotels companies ets.
Bamb Industrial antibacterial protect
DIMETHYLOCTADECYL (3- (TRIMETHOXYSILYL) propyl ammonium chloride) for sale
Bamb passed
Tests at universities in Turkey, USA and Germany. The laboratoryes confirmed detrimental effects on the Sars virus (Covidien 19)
Bamb reliably protects, neutralizes and destroys the virus when processing applications and also things brought from outside.
1 liter of the product disinfects an area of ​​200 m² for at least 3 months

Antibacterial preservative, fighting bacteria, fighting viruses, disinfecting infected areas, SARS control, Coronavirus 19, molecular antiviral, area disinfecting, antibacterial Bamb, antibacterial, INDUSTRIAL Antibacterial preservative, industrial bacterial protector, disinfection objects disinfection of public places
INDUSTRIAL Antibacterial protect
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Antibacterial protect
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Antibacterial protect will be sold
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fighting viruses will be sold
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fighting viruses protector
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fighting viruses
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fighting Corvid viruses
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