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259092 Mamadou ., .
USA, Maryland
5.5.2021 19:16:41 Rusça Çevirisi
I want to buy Summer menswear, Boxer briefs and Men shoes for my store in Africa
Hello there, I am a wholesale buyer of many type of men clothes and shoes. If you have any suggestion for me send me the photos and price details of your product. I only buy from Turkey.

I live in America. I have a men's clothing store in African Guinea Conakry.

Purchase Similar to the sample pictures in my advertisement
Men's fashion clothing, Men's summer wear, Men's t-shirts, Men's slim fit clothes, Men's slim fit jackets, Men's slim fit trousers, Men's slim fit shirts, Brand men's boxer briefs , Male sweat suits, Men's shoes, Men's sneakers, so I want to make the purchase of
Manufacturer and exporter company in Turkey I would ask them to send me their pictures in the catalog and Collectibles Price offer
Adv No : 259092 - Img No : 243383
Adv No : 259092 - Img No : 243384
Short sleeves shirt
Adv No : 259092 - Img No : 243382
Adv No : 259092 - Img No : 243385
Adv No : 259092 - Img No : 243386
Adv No : 259092 - Img No : 243387
Adv No : 259092 - Img No : 243388
Adv No : 259092 - Img No : 243389



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