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206002 Ghuzala New York , BROOKLYN
25.2.2019 03:36:26 Rusça Çevirisi
Personal tailor
I have 3-4 clothes designs that I would like to manufacturise. Maybe around 10 pieces for each design. Can you help me to find a tailor that would help me to make them please

a personal tailor, tailoring, a tailoring shop for women's clothing, a client is looking for a tailor,
Adv No : 206002 - Img No : 1
a client is looking for a tailor, an atelier for making special order, special order women's clothing,
Adv No : 206002 - Img No : 2
a client is looking for a tailor, an atelier for making special order, special order women's clothing,
Adv No : 206002 - Img No : 3
a client is looking for a tailor, an atelier for making special order, special order women's clothing,
Adv No : 206002 - Img No : 4
an atelier for making special order, special order women's clothing,
Adv No : 206002 - Img No : 5



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17.3.2019 04:13:50
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